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bride and groomYOU are all set for your special occasion
– your wedding, party, holiday...spent a
fortune on your outfit, managed to lose
those extra pounds, hair is styled, makeup
applied, so smile, everything's perfect,
or is it? Don't let your smile let you down.
Boost confidence and improve appearance
by having your teeth professionally whitened
by Smiles Better Ltd.
You may have thought about teeth whitening before but were put off by the endless hours of treatments and the exorbitant price tag. Well, now help is at hand with a new service from Smiles Better Ltd.
This Cold-light Laser treatment, uses the latest technology from Silicon Valley in the USA, combined with ph balanced whitening gels that whitens both the surface and the internal structure of the teeth, leaving your teeth between four and 15 shades lighter.
Although the treatment achieves amazing results, it will not damage the teeth in any way and is the safest and most effective way of whitening the teeth currently available. For optimum long lasting results, three applications of the gels are required but this is all completed in only one session lasting just over one hour. Results are immediate.
Legislation concerning teeth whitening has changed, with any form of brightening your pearly whites now classed as a 'treatment' rather than a 'procedure.' This change in the law means that teeth whitening is now available in Salons rather than in Surgeries, at greatly reduced prices.


Karen at Greens

Karen from Smiles Better Ltd says: “In Europe
and in the USA, teeth whitening is now seen
as a necessity, with most people enjoying a
quick 'whitewash' every six months or so, to
counteract the effects of food, drink and smoking.
Especially in Italy and in Spain where they drink
a lot of red wine, coffee and smoke.
It's a fact that first impressions of someone
with a yellow, discoloured smile are not usually
good. Even if you are not blessed with perfect
teeth, they will look far better if they are clean
and white. It will make you feel a lot better,
boost your confidence and people will probably
notice that you are smiling a lot more!
Karen added that her treatment appeals to all
ages, from 16 year olds that have just had their
braces removed, to even retired couples about
to celebrate their Golden Wedding anniversary.


Young man with blue shirt smiling

She said: “Women have so many
choices when it comes to spending
their money on their appearance –
hair, nails, make-up, wardrobe, etc.
but men who want to improve their
appearance and boost their confidence
have limited choices. This is why
teeth whitening has become so popular.
Men are sometimes a bit embarrassed 
when they first walk into Clinic 21, but 
they soon relax when they find out that
they are sometimes the majority in
the teeth whitening Clinic!"




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